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Yacon Harvest

I held out as long as I could, but after the first frosts I thought it wouldn’t be sensible to wait any longer. The time had come to release the Yacon!

Seeing the tubers for the first time was very exciting. [Pounds chest] “Man grows Yacon.” Grown out of my own compost I should emphasise.

I left these fellers in the soil and covered it with some of my own compost (not shown). That way we can see the circle of life in action in the spring.

Here they are straight out of the soil. Looking a little forlorn, “Please don’t eat us!” “Ha ha, but this is your destiny!”

They scrubbed up very nicely.

I tasted a slice uncooked. Very fresh. Almost like apple. Not bursting with flavour it has to be said, but I’ve come to the realisation that all new foods (especially new vegetables it seems) take a little getting used to.

Then straight into the oven. I wanted to avoid the “leave-them-hanging-around-in-the-fridge-for-a-couple-of-days” stage. They came out looking EXACTLY like Jerusalem artichokes which should have given me ample warning. Anyone who has eaten Jerusalem artichoke should know what I’m talking about…