Agriculture Growing


It’s been very quiet chez Sick Veg and the reason is… it’s the winter.

Nothing much is growing apart from my spinach (see top photo). It’s one of those relatively rare vegetables that keeps going – even if its growth slows right down.

The way that winter suspends everything is one major reason why farmers across Europe have taken the opportunity to protest. Yes, they are infuriated about losing their subsidies, but any other time of the year they wouldn’t have the time to blockade roads.

It’s also the reason that, although there’s not much going on on this blog, I’ve been busy. I’ve taken the seasonal opportunity to interview a lot of people for my forthcoming book. They wouldn’t have the time to talk to me any other time of the year.

Simultaneously, on top of my day job as an animator, we’ve been doing the house up. That’s meant five months of scaffolding, rubble, and paint fumes. A painfully expensive, time-consuming nightmare which has been a necessity. Thankfully that’s now over.

While I finish the book it will probably remain quiet here. But come the spring I will again have the opportunity, and material, to update more often.