Food Growing Urban


I sowed Rocket last October. With the Broad Beans it was the only thing which I grew through the winter.

You can see it here in the autumn just beginning to sprout beside the Red Cabbage.

Rocket is amazingly hardy – surviving even the snow.

By last week it was a riot. But the stems had started to get quite tough and it was beginning to flower. That’s supposed to make the plant bitter to eat. Tasted fine to me. Nice and peppery.

I like this shot deep in the foliage. It gives one the sense of being its own little cosmos.

By Old Street standards I got a pretty huge crop which did about three meals.

Here is the bed tidied up, mulched with some compost, and sown with Leeks. Thought I would give them a try because my daughter has always loved them.

From farm to table. XD.