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Melon Climax

Some proper pollination.

There was a groaning mailbag after my now legendary Epic Melon Fail post. Advice, recriminations, condolences, exhortations for me to not give up on my noble quest to grow Melons on Old Street. Thank you all. I felt showered, douched even, with the full spectrum of emotional response.

Melon “Joe”.
Melons “Vlad” and “Kim”.

But good things come to those who wait. The plant decided that it really liked the heat, light and wind on the roof garden. I fed it with a dressing of compost and watered it dutifully through the summer. Mildewed plant fell away and a healthy new growth of leaves started up. Bees busied themselves pollinating the yellow flowers and I was stunned to discover, not one, but five melons grew.

Two are still on the plant but last night, in anticipation of the weather finally turning now that it is September, I made the leap and cut two specimens loose.

Melon “Kim”.
Melon “Vlad”.

Rules dictate that one has to wait for a melon to smell sweet before cutting it but I just went ahead anyway.

Because I’m a generous soul I gave the larger melon “Kim” to Mrs. Ingram and Master Ingram to share. Miss Ingram doesn’t like melon. Apparently it was delicious.