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June Flowers

Bristly Ox Tongue
Wild Rocket
Fringed WIllowherb

The true Permaculture garden is supposed to be nothing but vegetables. And I know that Charles Dowding dismisses growing flowers as child’s play. Dowding does grow a few though.

The thing is I have such a small space that growing vegetables is largely meaningless. I feel I’m actually performing more of a service to the world to grow flowers that insects like. Two of the flowers here, the Wild Rocket and Courgette are actually vegetables of course…

The odd one out here is the Dahlia. My grandmother used to love Dahlias and Mrs. Ingram wanted me to grow them. They do look very ornamental don’t they? But to balance that civilised element out, the Bristly Ox Tongue and Fringed Willowherb are weeds that I have cultivated. I had no idea what they were but the app “Picture This” says that’s what they are.

Until today I was sure the Bristly Ox Tongue was Hyssop, which seeds I sowed there but obviously didn’t germinate. It’s an incredibly exotic weed gotta say. Needless to say Hyssop doesn’t look anything like it.