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Food for the Brain

I’ve been working on an advert for the excellent Food for the Brain organisation. My most substantial contribution in the film, beyond flying stuff around in an attractive way, came in conceiving and devising the end sequence with its Pauling badge; pulling back to see multiples of it pinned on many different people.

Music: “Lara’s Heart” courtesy of Pandit Pam Pam.

Food for the Brain, which has thus far concerned itself primarily with dementia, is now under the umbrella of a larger group of teams that are united behind Linus Pauling’s conjecture that “Optimum Nutrition is the future of medicine.” In due course the badges will refect the diversity of the other teams in the group. The group’s idea is that “Citizen Scientists” will be able to provide health data to the parent organisations and thereby help the scientific cause.

Pauling, twice winner of the Nobel prize, is a hero of mine and of Food for the Brain supremo Patrick Holford’s. Linus gave Patrick his blessing for the latter’s Optimim Nutrition Institute. Pauling had a starring role in my Vitamin C film which, although it felt like yesterday that I made it, is now six years old.