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Early July Harvest

This year on my raised bed I grew beetroot, carrots, and leeks. All from seed I hasten to add.

The Beetroot odyssey started way back in March. The leeks were the only one of the three which didn’t do well. They are still like big blades of grass.

I decided to pickle the beetroot as opposed to just roasting it as usual. Those are Kilner jars sterilising in the oven.

I roasted the carrots with soya sauce and honey.

The recipe I followed for the beetroot pickle advised roasting it rather than boiling it for a better flavour.

I boiled up a pickling vinegar made of coriander seed, mustard seed, chilli, bay, white and red wine vinegar, and a little sugar.

The carrots were delicious this year. Last year I grew a different variety, Amsterdam Forcing, which tasted filthy (dusty in fact…). This year I rooted for Nantes 2.

I ended up with two large jars of beetroot pickle. The pickling vinegar was a bit too tart so I added a little more sugar.