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Drying Flowers

I’ve only been gardening properly since I sowed my first seeds in February 2021. I definitely gravitated towards to the dream of self-sufficiency that’s made manifest in growing vegetables, but as I’ve commented on before, it’s neither practical from a view of self-supporting, or financially efficient to grow one’s own vegetables on a tiny urban roof. The value of that is more along the lines of the fun of growing and picking food you can actually eat, and the cosmological orientation that brings.

I will continue to do grow veg, hopefully one day on a larger plot, but I’ve come round to the idea that growing flowers, especially ones that the bees like, is a totally righteous activity. Part of the fun, the ritual if you like, with flowers is saving their seed and sowing them oneself. Detailed below is this year’s adventures.

Calendula, or as it’s also called Pot Marigold.

Limanthes. Which I describe winnowing here.

Nasturtium. It has been pointed out to me that I could have sowed their brain-like seeds right away and got another season. Maybe next year I will.

Borage needs to be dried quite carefully. It needs air because the stems carry a lot of water and can get moldy.

Here’s the Nigella which I’ve covered before in the past.

All the stems go into the compost heap.

And here are the seeds of my labour. Borage, Nasturtium, Limanthes and Calendula above. And Lavender and Nigella below.