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Carrot Seeds

Carrot seeds are miniscule. This year’s were easier to sow than last’s of which a couple were kicking around in the bottom of the packet so I can show you (see below). How on earth are you supposed to sow something so tiny? You need tweezers!

You can’t sow carrots in module trays, they have to go straight into the ground. Because the impetus of their growth is down into the earth I suppose they get confused in the confines of a tiny container.

I sowed these on the 11th as the moon had started to wane. I don’t really buy Rudolf Steiner’s ideas (though people infinitely more knowledgeable and experienced than me do), but planting roots after the full moon, and plants as the moon waxes is the most basic concession to them possible. It’s fun too to imagine cosmic forces affecting one’s tiny veg patch.

“You’re ‘avin a larf!”